Host Team and Connections team

Every person comes to our church with a set of expectations, whether good or bad. The question is: will we meet those expectations or fall short of them? The goal of the Host Team and Connections Team is to exceed the expectations of our members and guests, one experience at a time. In order to succeed at that, we need to do three things:

  • Create an environment on campus that prepares people for worship
  • Connect with every guest and regular attender who honors us with a visit
  • Care for those who need our help


Host Team includes our ushers, greeters, cafe, safety and prayer team.

Connections Team includes our VIP Tent and parking.

 Someone’s experience on campus before they get to the worship service can impact what happens when they get there. From the parking lot to the chair, we believe that creating the right experience on campus also creates the right opportunity for God to do something amazing in the lives of the hundreds of people who worship with us each week. What is our goal? To host every person as Jesus would.


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