12 Conference

X  I  I Conference

June 11-14, 2017


12 Conference

X  I  I Conference

June 11-14, 2017

A Summer Experience for Students 6th - 12 Grade


Music & Speakers

Music & Speakers

Music & Speakers

Music & Speakers

Jason Laird

Gateway Church

Carl Lentz

Hillsong Church NYC

Chad Veach

ZOE Church

Randy Bezet

Bayside Community Church


Elaine Fisher


Matt Moore

Bayside Community Church

Robert Madu

Trinity Church

Rend Collective




Fun Activities


Fun Activities

Live Concert

30ft Water Slide

Relay Obstacle Course

Swimming Pool

Indoor Basketball


Field / Sports Games

Paddle Boats

Sand Volleyball

Tennis Courts

So Much More

Important Info


Important Info


Important Info

We are thrilled that your teenager will be joining us for 12 Conference. A lot of preparation has gone into trip, so we are excited to see how God works in their lives! Please take a moment and read this email carefully! Its very important to read it all. Please arrive for Check-in at 1:30pm on Sunday, June 12th at Wellspring in The Treehouse (elementary kids room). Your teenager will need to have eaten lunch before they arrive. We will depart from the church at 2:30pm sharp! We will return to Wellspring on Wednesday, June 15th around 6:30pm.

In an effort to have students experience all that God wants for them, we are asking that students leave their cell phones at home. Cell phones can be a huge distraction and cause a lot of problems for our staff and leaders. If you have an issue with this or need an exception for some reason, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. The 11 leaders that are going will have their cell phones on them at all times, so that students can use them to call home at anytime or if you need to get ahold of your teenager you can call the leaders phone.


1)Please bring a copy of your Medical insurance card when you arrive for Check-in.

2) We ask that when you arrive you have a list (already written down) with your teenager’s allergies. If they have an inhaler or an epipen we also ask that you provide that to our camp nurse at Check-in. This is vitally important.

3) If your child has any prescription medication, we ask that you leave the medication in the original packaging or bottle. Please place all medication and instructions in a single Ziplock bag with their name written on it with a black marker. We will have Tylenol and Advil on hand for your teenager if needed throughout camp, so we ask that your teenager does not bring any of their own so we can keep track of their dosage. 

We have a Registered Nurse and Paramedic going on this trip with us, so we are in good hands!



-One bag please (duffle bag preferred over hard suitcase)


-Notebook (optional) 

-Pen and (or) Highlighter

-Extra spending money (not required). Cafe at Bayside, Merchandise from 12 Conference, Soda machines at Retreat Center, etc. 

-Snacks to share with your room mates

-Towels (shower & pool)

-Clothes for 12 Conference (normal shorts, t-shirts, shoes/flipflops)

-Clothes for outdoor team competitions (workout clothes, older clothes)


-Under garments/socks

-One-piece bathing suits/Modest tan-kinis (Girls) or Swim trunks (Guys)

-Wellspring Shirt (if they have one)

-1 Pillow 

-1 lightweight Blanket 

-Toiletry items (toothbrush, paste, soap, etc) 

-Sunscreen/bug spray 

-Bag for dirty clothes





-Cell phone

-Ipod, mp3 players

-Handheld video games

-Expensive clothes or Jewelry

-Pocket knives

-Matches or lighters



Pastor Matt – 513.432.3131

Megan Millar (Intern) – 813-520-0047

Nick McCoy (Intern) – 813-898-7244

Christine Hylton (Registered Nurse) – 813-404-8422

Nate Schaedler (Paramedic) – 813-731-1353 

Other Leaders Numbers - will be given out at Check-in



12 Conference

Bayside Community Church 

15800 FL-64 Bradenton, FL 34212


Overnight Lodging

Christian Retreat Center

1200 Glory Way Blvd, Bradenton, FL 34212


For more information about the trip
please email Pastor Matt msyrus@ourwellspringchurch.com